In my research about alternatives lifestyles, homesteading popped up quite frequently. I have to admit, it sounded amazing! It sounds like freedom from an oppressive, materialistic society. Living off-grid and growing what you eat. Completely self-sufficient. And there is a law that protects homesteads from forced sale for collection of debt. That is true ownership, much more than regular homes, that can be foreclosed by banks for non-payment of mortgage or even taxes.

The only thing that stopped me dead in my tracks when considering this, was the hard physical labor. I have back problems and so does my husband. Homesteading means growing your own food, and harvesting that food, and then cooking and canning that food. It also requires owning and caring for animals. Chickens, goats, horses, cows and even pigs. And if your land does not already have a house, and outbuildings for crops and animals, then you will have to build them. The work is definitely a challenge. Especially for me, having been raised in the suburbs, and dealing with chronic pain.

But this way life is still a wonderful thing for those who live it. Their children learn the true meaning of responsibility and how to care for and help others. They will grow up being completely self-sufficient. I envy those parents, and wish that it was something that we could give our boys. I am hoping that when we get our RV that we can travel and at least have the opportunity to introduce our children to this way of life. Maybe visit a farm and allow them to work on one. That would be awesome for them!

Happy Trails!

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  1. Homesteading doesn’t require complete self-sufficiency 🙂 You can have land (or a backyard!) and do a lot of homesteading activities mentioned in your post without taking on 100%. No one is truly self-sufficient,but taking on new homesteading projects and building from there. PS – I have back problems too…it can be done 🙂

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    1. You are right, but in the end I just didn’t want to buy the land. Or work it. LOL I am really glad you are enjoying yours though!


      1. That’s awesome! I am hoping to get on the road soon. I guess we should have a home base as well. Yours seems perfect!


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