The Van Life Movement

I am sure that by now almost everyone has seen this hashtag on various forms of social media, usually along with the most beautiful photos. #vanlife is big. Young people are leaving the ordinary for something that seems extraordinary. They live in vans that they usually have converted themselves, and the ones that I have... Continue Reading →


Minimalism with Teens: 5 Ways That We Eliminate Clutter

#1: The Library Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash We spend a lot of time at the library lately and it has inspired me to get rid of a lot of our books that we have collecting dust. They were like the last vestige of my hoarding days. I have found some amazing resources the... Continue Reading →

RV Living: Consider the Cost

As many of you already know (I talk about it constantly right?) my family is buying an RV in a couple of months and moving to Washington state. Well, before we made this difficult decision we had to weigh the cost. Is it really cheaper to live in an RV vs a house? I mean... Continue Reading →

Writing is my Therapy

I have written about my anxiety quite a lot by this point, but I wanted talk more about my chosen therapy for it. I have been journaling throughout this year and I am now really considering turning my journals into a memoir. The source of my anxiety is undoubtedly my traumatic childhood, and getting it... Continue Reading →

Handcrafted Beads and Hemp

Some of my bracelets I have recently begun making beaded and hemp bracelets. It started as an exercise to help my anxiety but it began to be something that I truly enjoyed. I love making things with my hands, which is definitely a new thing for me. I was never interested in this kind of... Continue Reading →

Intentional Communities

Hello everyone! Sorry I took a little bit of a break for Thanksgiving, and I hope every one of you had a wonderful holiday!  I wanted to talk a little bit about something I knew existed, but never really looked into. Intentional communities are groups of like-minded individuals who come together usually on communally owned... Continue Reading →

Social Media and Anxiety

Do we really need social media? I have shared with you all about my depression and anxiety and how that played into our decision to purchase an RV and travel. However, part of my recovery from my anxiety was getting rid of social media. Specifically Facebook. I had become a hermit, social anxiety had paralyzed... Continue Reading →

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